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Legal Actions for Data Breaches & Misuse of Personal Data

The ransomware attack on the HSE in May 2021 has raised questions re potential legal actions from those whose sensitive personal data may have been compromised and/or published online. In this article, Dermot Sheehan BL takes a deep dive into personal data restrictions and remedies under Irish Law.     Remedies in Irish [...]

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The Irish Data Protection Act, Facebook & the Max Schrems cases

A guide to the Data Protection Commission’s role in investigation and enforcement of data protection rights under GDPR and the Data Protection Act (2018).   In this paper, Noeleen Healy BL examines these legal issues in the context of the Max Schrems led cases against Facebook and takes a deep dive into how the Commission's [...]

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A simple consumer guide to Irish data protection law and your rights

  Data protection is all about protecting your personal data. But what does this really  mean?   This guide is by Ian Long, solicitor and data protection specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in companies of all sizes, including AIB Bank, Aon Corp., Bank of Ireland Group, Griffith College, Groupon International, IAC Applications, Pepper [...]

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GDPR Guide for Financial Services & Law Firms

Highly Sensitive Personal Data Compliance The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which became law throughout the EU applies to all entities that process personal data. However law firms and financial services organisations who handle highly sensitive client information need to  be extra vigilant in terms of their compliance or potentially risk heavy penalties.   [...]

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