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How to Claim Injury Compensation for Workplace Accidents

Accidents in the workplace are still a relatively common occurrence despite improvements amongst employers in adhering to the Irish and European Health & Safety regulations.

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Although commonly associated with construction industry injuries, accidents can occur at all types of workplaces and may include slips, trips and falls caused through negligence on behalf of the employer.

There are also many cases whereby workers or staff have not received adequate training for their jobs or get injured as a result of being required to do a task with which they are unaccustomed e.g. lifting or moving boxes, furniture or computer equipment in an office setting.

If your employer is found negligent or liable for your injury you may be entitled to compensation. Personal Injury awards can range from large amounts for catastrophic injuries to more modest amounts for more minor ones such as recoverable back injury or simple bone fractures.

What to do if you suffer injury due to an accident at work


It stands to reason that the most important thing is your physical well-being and this takes immediate priority over any considerations for financial compensation down the line. That said, by immediately getting medical attention form your GP or hospital Accident & Emergency, it may provide evidenciary material which will help prove the legitimacy of your injury claim subsequently.


If your accident is very serious or you have been significantly traumatised, it may not always be possible to follow procedures but it is recommended that you inform your immediate superior of the nature of incident as soon as possible. Ideally, you should also insist on receiving at minmum a written acknowledgement of your accident report.


Before doing anything about your claim (or discussing it with anyone), you should talk to a reputable Law Society registered personal injury solicitor who can advise you on your next steps. A specialist lawyer will be able to determine if your employer is likely to be found liable and may be able to estimate the amount of compensation you are likely to receive. Most personal injury matters are assessed free of charge to determine if you have a claim.

Tyrrell Solicitors have particular expertise in taking on injury claims cases against employers. We provide an understanding approach and a listening ear to our clients while also employing a robust strategy to ensuring that if your case is disputed that you get fair compensation.

Some people may be concerned that if they take a claim against their employer that it might result in dismissal, bullying or curtailment of promotional prospects. It should be noted that even in contentious cases, it is mainly a contest between the claims lawyer and employer’s insurance company, and it is not taken as a ‘personal’ matter by the employer. There are also strict labour laws which protect you from any unfair workplace sanctions as a result of your claim.

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