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Here you can find one of the most comprehensive databases of up-to-date articles relating to employment law matters in Ireland.

Whether you are an employee seeking compensation for an unfair dismissal or an employer with a pending case in the Employment Appeals tribunal, Lawyer.ie has information which may help you but you should also consult an employment law solicitor.

These guides have been compiled and edited by Lawyer.ie and should be used for informational purposes only and are not legal advice and it is important that any action (or lack of action) you may take should be based on legal advice from a solicitor.

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Legal Information for Employees:

– Legal articles on Unfair Dismissals, Constructive Dismissals and Wrongful Dismissal.

– Made redundant? Get advice on legal status and compensation entitlements.

– Discrimination, harrassment and bullying issues – get the best advice


Legal Information for Employers:

– information on drafting water-tight employee contracts

– Legal disputes including personal injury defence

– Dismissal of recalcitrant or difficult employees

– Employer health and safety obligations including worker time directives


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