Parental Leave/Force Majeure

Paid Paternal Leave

//Parental Leave/Force Majeure
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This is paid leave that arises when injury or illness of a close relative (as specified in the Act) makes the immediate presence of the employee indispensable.


Parental leaveMaximum allowance is 3 days in 1 year or 5 days over 3 consecutive years. Part of a day is counted as a full day.All employment rights are protected during force majeure leave and the employee has a right to return to the same job or suitable alternative.

Procedures and Enforcement

Any dispute (within 6 months from the occurrence of the dispute) under the Act (other than a dismissal – claim under Unfair Dismissals Acts) can be brought to a Rights Commissioner who can award up to 20 weeks remuneration or may give “such directions” as the Rights Commissioner “considers necessary or expedient for the resolution of the dispute”.