Do I Need a Solicitor?

//Do I Need a Solicitor?
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Does one need a solicitor to make an injury claim?

If you suffer a personal injury through no fault of your own caused by another liable party, you are of course entitled to compensation. Depending on the accident injury circumstances the compensation award can cover pain and suffering, loss of earnings, medical costs as well as loss of amenity (e.g. where an injury prevents you from pursuing an activity that you once enjoyed).

The above is just a brief overview of what you might be entitled to but a reputable personal injury solicitor will initiate and negotiate the outcome of the claim on your behalf – often without the case going to court or your risking substantial legal fees in making a claim.

Recently however the Injuries Board (formerly known as PIAB) have sought to minimize or even remove the involvement of solicitors acting on behalf of people who have been injured.

However a recent Central Bank audit of the claims files of insurance companies has shown that solicitors get better compensation outcomes for their clients than in cases where people try to go it alone.

The Injuries Board has a stated aim of reducing overall personal injury costs as of course do the insurance companies. But as we argued on these pages if both the Injuries Board and the insurance companies are motivated to reduce compensation payouts, who is on the side of the claimant? Well…your solicitor is!

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Why you really need a solicitor


Put simply, personal injury law is complex and it is advantageous to consult with a proper Law Society registered solicitor otherwise you risk not getting the compensation you deserve. A solicitor is able to determine if your case has merit and only then will action be taken on your behalf and bring matters to a successful conclusion including securing of all legal and medical expense from the liable party.

Furthermore your solicitor is motivated to gain the maximum compensation that the law will permit and can also advise you on matters which the Injuries Board is legally prevented from doing (the Injuries Board have no jurisdiction over medical injury or negligence matters either).

So if you have been injured in an accident, take the first step to talk to a good injury claims lawyer – an initial chat can pay off substantially in the long run to have someone on your side and fighting your corner.

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