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Whiplash What is whiplash?

Whiplash is really a non-medical term, but colloquially it is used to describe a range of injuries which are caused to the neck and spine usually associated with car accidents where the victim is struck from behind. This can cause a forward-and-backwards motion of the head thereby causing a hyper-extension of the neck muscles and ligaments as the spine is temprorarily contorted into in an S-shape.


Can I claim for whiplash?*

Yes, of course, provided another party is liable for causing the injury sustained to you and just like any other injury claim, it is subject to the statutes under Personal Injury Law in Ireland.

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Can whiplash be diagnosed or proved/disproved?

Clinically known as cervical acceleration-deceleration injuries, these can cause a whole range of whiplash associated disorders. These include primarily pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back. People who genuinely have these symptoms as a result of a car accident do not necessarily have any physical evidence that can be determined by a medical examination or scan such as an x-ray.

It is hence notoriously difficult to prove and virtually impossible to disprove. The belief is widespread that a sgnificant amount of these personal injury cases are exaggerated or fraudulent. Nonetheless, it is a very common injury and can be be quite serious in the long term producing secondary symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia and tingling sensations.

So if you have experienced such an injury through no fault of your own, do not be embarrassed about seeking redress in terms of financial compensation for the loss, pain and discomfort it has brought you. Make sure you talk to a reputable injury law solicitor who is Law Society registered about a possible claim and always seek medical attention in the first instance when the injury occurs.

How much compensation is paid for whiplash in Ireland?

The Injuries Board do not break down precise figures for this type of injury but they do provide guidance in terms of what compensation you could expect. The following are figures from their Book of Quantum and are up-to-date as of August 5 2012;

Up to €14,400          – Minor whiplash neck injury – good recovery within 12 months
€11,500 to €17,400 – Moderate whiplash injury.Substantially recovered within 24 months
€15,900 to €64,500 – Significant ongoing whiplash injury
€59,400 to €78,400 – Severe neck whiplash injury (serious and permanent condition)

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