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Legal issues involving family can be complex and emotionally stressful at times.  The choices you make now can have life-changing consequences so it is important to get the best possible legal assistance now.

Tyrrell Solicitors of Percy Lane, Dublin 4 are acknowledged experts in family law in Ireland and provide affordable legal advice and representation on a wide range of family law matters.

Margaret O’Flaherty is the principal of Tyrrell Solicitors and publisher of and is an expert in Family Law.


  • Margaret O’Flaherty | Principal Solicitor


Margaret, joined our team in 2006, coming originally from a business background and quickly immersed herself into all areas of general practice.

Over the years Margaret has gained a wealth of experience in the areas of Family Law, Personal Injury Litigation, Probate matters, Judicial Reviews and general litigation matters.

Margaret has a warm and engaging manner, she ensures that all client’s understand the step by step process of their case, whether it is drafting their first Will or bringing a claim for a personal injury they have suffered.

Family Law is an area that Margaret is committed to providing a supportive and trusting relationship with the client, no Family Law matter is ever without the need for a listening ear and Margaret ensures her clients feel they are supported throughout the process of their separation.


Margaret will meet clients either face to face or with our changing technological environment through online consultation, which ever is preferable to you, the client.


Margaret, took over as Principal of Tyrrell Solicitors in 2021 and is committed to offering an open and transparent legal service to our clients.

If you wish to contact her, please do so through our online enquiry system.


Member of the Law Society of Ireland

Member of Family Lawyers Association of Ireland