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Barrister in practice since 2007. Qualified in Ireland, Northern Ireland, New York and England and Wales. Author of The Law of Personal Injuries.

Legal Actions for Data Breaches & Misuse of Personal Data

The ransomware attack on the HSE in May 2021 has raised questions re potential legal actions from those whose sensitive personal data may have been compromised and/or published online. In this article, Dermot Sheehan BL takes a deep dive into personal data restrictions and remedies under Irish Law.     Remedies in Irish [...]

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Covid-19 Claims & Duty of Care for Employers

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption across the world. In the legal sphere it has also caused confusion as to people’s respective obligations and duties towards each other, particularly in the context of employment relationships. In this paper, Barrister Dermot Sheehan examines common law and statutes with respect to the potential liability that [...]

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Time Limits for Claims or Actions – Statute of Limitations Law in Ireland

How long do I have to make a claim? This is a frequently asked question by many clients particularly (but not only) in the context of personal injury claims. This is a guide to the law in Ireland with particular regard to the Statutes of Limitations Act and relevant case law precedent which may be [...]

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