Coronavirus Landlord/Tenant Law Emergency Measures

COVID-19 RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES The recent Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (COVID-19) Act 2020 has introduced urgent measures which affect how tenancies can be ended, RTB dispute resolution issues and rent payment issues. Expert property law solicitor Michael Burns provides a quick overview here.   Can a Landlord serve notice of termination on a tenant? [...]

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Covid-19 Claims & Duty of Care for Employers

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption across the world. In the legal sphere it has also caused confusion as to people’s respective obligations and duties towards each other, particularly in the context of employment relationships. In this paper, Barrister Dermot Sheehan examines common law and statutes with respect to the potential liability that [...]

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Waiting Times for Divorce – 2019 Irish referendum implications

The Government recently announced that a referendum to reduce waiting time limits on divorce in Ireland will be held in May 2019.   Former Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister, Oisín Crotty who worked on the formulation of this legislative initiative, gives an overview here of the implications as well in the context of the backstory to [...]

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Time Limits for Claims or Actions – Statute of Limitations Law in Ireland

How long do I have to make a claim? This is a frequently asked question by many clients particularly (but not only) in the context of personal injury claims. This is a guide to the law in Ireland with particular regard to the Statutes of Limitations Act and relevant case law precedent which may be [...]

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Irish Lawyer Consultations in Perth and Auckland (February 2019)

Hi, Roddy Tyrrell here, (solicitor and publisher of - just a note to let you know that I will be available to meet for one-to-one in-person consultations in the cities of Auckland, New Zealand and Perth, W. Australia in early February 2019. This is a part of a series of internationally toured law clinics we [...]

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GDPR Guide for Financial Services & Law Firms

Highly Sensitive Personal Data Compliance The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which became law throughout the EU applies to all entities that process personal data. However law firms and financial services organisations who handle highly sensitive client information need to  be extra vigilant in terms of their compliance or potentially risk heavy penalties.   [...]

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Ireland’s Consumer Insurance Contracts Bill is a ‘Win-Win Deal’

Leading City of London insurance lawyer writes that, based on the UK experience, recent legislation introduced by Pearse Doherty TD supporting consumers' rights in the area of insurance claims payouts is ultimately positive for the industry as well.   Written by Stephen Netherway, Partner and Head of the Insurance Sector in the UK for CMS, a London and European law [...]

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Brexit: It’s crunch time for the UK Insurance market…and Ireland awaits

Despite recent reports that Ireland may not get the big 'Brexit dividend' it might have envisaged from UK banks and financial services companies relocating operations here, one London City lawyer argues that Ireland is still well-placed to be the new base of choice for the UK insurance sector. Written by Stephen Netherway, Partner and Head of the Insurance [...]

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Cycling Accident Injury & Death Statistics Reflect Cycle Usage Growth in Ireland

  Ray Motherway BL This article has been written for by Ray Motherway, a practicing barrister with professional experience of injury law in Ireland.   The Road Safety Authority (RSA), the state agency formed by the Irish Government to promote road safety, reported that in 2015, there were 9 cyclist deaths on the [...]

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The Limitation of Actions & Time Limits in Probate Practice (& Associated Practical Issues)

Publisher's Note:  This is one of the most definitive and expertly written Irish probate legal guides available online and is a superb  resource for legal professionals, students and the general public alike. If you require the services of a Probate Solicitor visit our practice pages here. INTRODUCTION The need for time limitations on the institution [...]

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