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Profile of a new and innovative Probate Genealogist firm in Ireland which provide services including tracing lost heirs and wills, overseas probate transfer and locating missing assets.

Danny Curran

Danny Curran

Finders International was founded by Managing Director Daniel Curran in 1997 and we have grown to become an industry leader and the ‘got-to’ firm for the media.

We work with anyone requiring help or assistance in identifying and locating missing or unknown beneficiaries, or tracing the next of kin to someone who has died with no known family.

Our excellent record of attaining positive results along with our quality of service means that we are the trusted solution for numerous clients around the world. We can solve the most difficult of cases in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner.

Our success can be credited to providing a fast, friendly, no-nonsense approach to our investigations and a strong commitment to maintaining the high standards our clients demand. Probate genealogists are now more commonly referred to as ‘Heir Hunters’ and we are a main firm featured in the BBC1 show of the same name.

We have also featured in the Irish Independent & Evening Herald, on the Ryan Tubridy and Anton Savage radio shows and in over 30 TV, Radio and Press Articles this year alone!

Our integrity is unparalleled within the industry and we work to our unique Professional Conduct Code. Our team of professionals has an excellent reputation with credentials to match and we trust your experience of Finders International will be a positive one.


Estate Administration Services for Solicitors in Ireland


Finders help with Estate Administration from start to finish; from our free quotations to tracing missing or unknown beneficiaries, right through to safe estate distribution. Full international network – beneficiaries traced worldwide

  • Instant telephone quotations or free advice – contact us now for immediate assistance
  • Instructions accepted online, or by telephone, email, post, DX or fax or via our App
  • Fast & free appraisals and quotations by post, DX, fax, e-mail or online
  • Friendly & efficient no-nonsense service with the reassurance of our Professional Conduct Code
  • Regular updates on work in progress at intervals you can choose
  • Work completed within your specified time scale where requested
  • Clear and concise final reports including all documentation, cross-referenced and easy to understand
  • Comprehensive range of additional supporting services
  • Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance & Missing Will Insurance as approved agents of AVIVA


Estate Administration Services for members of the public (e.g. Executors & Administrators)


If you have chosen to administer an estate privately, without the use of a lawyer or other professional, you are still able to access many of our services.

When a friend or relative dies, you may need to act as their executor or administrator – taking responsibility for collecting their assets, paying off any debts and distributing what’s left to the will’s residuary beneficiaries. This can be a complex, time-consuming and sometimes stressful role.

Once probate has been granted, the administrator has the authority to deal with the estate. This typically involves; collecting money and assets, selling assets (unless the assets themselves are being passed on to beneficiaries), paying debts/taxes and distributing the estate.

Executors must distribute the estate in accordance with the will. If there is no will, the estate is distributed according to the rules of intestacy.

As an administrator you MUST keep clear records of what has been done, so that any future questions or challenges over their administration of the estate can be answered.

Dealing with the affairs of someone who has died can take a long time. It is not unusual for it to take a year or more, perhaps longer if things are not straightforward.

Dealing with an estate can involve a lot of paperwork, particularly if the deceased had significant or complicated financial affairs.

At Finders International, we understand that when someone close to you passes away it can be a very difficult time, not least because of the emotion involved but also because of the number of matters that have to be given attention, which is why we offer many individual services to help those who opt to administer an estate privately.

From missing heir location to finding missing assets and legal guidance, or repatriating assets from abroad, contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements.

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Probate Asset Valuation & Transfer Services


As an island nation, people in the Ireland have long been open to looking outside their own borders for work, somewhere to live and to consolidate and grow their assets.

In this day and age, more and more people own a villa, apartment or property abroad, and while this can be a very worthwhile lifestyle choice, and maybe even investment, it can bring with it its own problems when one dies.

The recently introduced succession rules in the EU will affect estates featuring property in Europe. EU Succession Regulation No 650/2012 (known as ‘Brussels IV’) allows EU citizens to choose, in their Wills, whether their assets in the EU will be governed by the law of their nationality or of their ‘habitual residence’.

A new European Certificate of Succession will be created, intended to make proving entitlement a more consistent process across the EU countries that signed up to the Regulation.

Brussels IV will only apply to deaths after 17 August 2015, however transitional provisions allow for a choice of law clause to be included in Wills from now.

These new rules have been adopted by over 25 EU countries which include France and Spain and will affect houses, flats and land situated in these countries. The issue is most significant for UK nationals who live permanently in their European property overseas – in other words, are ‘habitually resident’ in a signatory country.

The UK, Ireland and Denmark have opted out of Brussels IV. However, these countries’ laws can still be applied to property owned in the 25 European countries as long as an election to do so is made via a clause in your Will. Likewise, a UK national owning property in a signatory country is not free from the effects of Brussels IV because of the UK opt-out.

Our Asset Valuation & Transfer Services cover the following;

  • Medallion Signature Guarantees
  • Missing Share Certificates
  • Grants of Probate Overseas
  • Securities Sale & Transfer Services
  • Unclaimed Dividends Recovery Service
  • Overseas Account Closures


Probate Adoption Cases


Throughout the 1940’s and 50’s, it is estimated that there were in the region of 60,000 children adopted in Ireland. Some were raised by loving parents and shown a privileged life, whereas others were not so fortunate.

Regardless of their circumstances, the laws surrounding adoption were the same for everyone. Adoptees did not have access to the names of their birth parents or to any information regarding their medical history, and in most cases found it extremely difficult to obtain a copy of their own birth certificates.

International laws say all children should be able to establish their identity but adopted people in Ireland, many of whom were sent for adoption in secret by Catholic institutions, have no automatic right to their birth records or access to tracing services.

With the impending new legislation, these rules are soon to change. The cabinet has signed off new laws which will afford adoptees the right to access their birth certificates. This will open the floodgates for many people who have spent their entire lives wondering if they would ever locate their birth parents or relatives.

Without consent, records will only be released if an adopted person signs a statutory declaration not to contact their birth parent Finders International welcome the opportunity to assist in the search for adopted birth parents or relatives.

Only recently we took on a case where one adopted brother had searched for five years for his other brother, also adopted. They lived their entire lives into their eighties without knowing each other. Within weeks we had united them for the first time.

If you have been adopted and would like us to help you in locating your nearest living relative, why not contact us today for a quote.


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